Is the light steel villa expensive?

Pulished on May. 27, 2019

Light steel villas have been in China for some time. Some people began to gradually accept this new form of architecture due to policy guidance and propaganda. However, more people are still in the wait-and-see stage, in the final analysis, because of price. 

It is known that some traditional houses with brick-concrete structure quote from 600 to 1000 yuan per square meter. After all, brick-concrete structure houses are greatly affected by the price of sand and gravel, and the environmental monitoring efforts vary from place to place. And light steel villas manufacturers are so many, we often do not know which one to choose. If you ask carefully, you will know that the quotations are different and the contents are quite different. Of course, it is not excluded that there will be some companies fishing in muddy water to entice consumers with ultra-low unit price. In the real construction process, there will be a variety of new fee items, which will eventually lead to the entire cost of the original budget double or more. 

Light steel villa is a mature residential system. All main materials and auxiliary materials have corresponding specifications and strict standards. Therefore, the budget can be accurately calculated according to the design drawings, and there will be no significant changes in the construction cycle. The cost of building light steel villas in China can be as low as 1200 yuan per square meter. Here you will calculate the cost of light steel villas from all aspects. 

The cost of rough house of light steel villa includes the following aspects: main structure (light steel keel), thermal insulation filler (glass wool), structural board (OSB board), interior wall finish (gypsum board), exterior wall decoration board, roof frame and asphalt waterproof membrane, doors and windows, stairs, plumbing and electrical wirings, etc. 

 Compared with brick-concrete structure, the price advantage of light steel villas embodies in the following aspects: 

  1. Indoor decoration. The interior wall is made of gypsum board, no additional leveling process is needed, and plastering can be done directly. Floor parts can also be directly laid flat or laid, the price basically depends on the selected floor tiles or floor materials.

  2.  External insulation. The structure system of light steel villas has its own thermal insulation system. The wall and roof are all made of thermal insulation materials. Ordinary brick-concrete structure has no thermal insulation system, so it must be constructed separately for external wall insulation or internal wall insulation, but the traditional construction quotation usually does not include thermal insulation system.

  3.  Plumbing and electrical system. Ductworks of water and electrical system will be laid in the process of light steel villa installation. Usually rural housing, water and electricity, doors and windows need to be handed over to the owners to solve themselves, so it is very troublesome to spend money, time and energy.

  4. High housing rate. Because the main structure of the light steel villa is the light steel keel, the bearing capacity of the keel system has been fully considered in the design process. Therefore, the layout of apartment structure will be more flexible and the housing rate will be relatively high. According to statistics, the acquisition rate of a light steel villa is 10% - 15% higher than that of traditional buildings.

  5.  Energy conservation. light gauge steel integrated building utilizes double-layer excellent glass wool insulation as the main insulating materials. Heat engineering calculation shows that thermal resistance of 10 cm thick fiberglass insulation is equal to that of 100 cm thick brick wall. The exterior rigid insulation can avoid “cold bridge” phenomenon on wall. Consequently the energy consumption of LGS housing system is only equivalent to 40% of traditional housing’s consumption, thereby greatly cut down the house owner’s consumption cost.

  6. Easy installation and labor saving. All the materials used to build a house are prefabricated in the factory which greatly shortens the construction period of on-site assembling. Complete dry operation produces none dust pollution or sewage pollution. Let’s take a 150 m2 detached house for example, it merely takes 5-7 days to complete the construction of main structure frames and one months to complete all the construction works.

In terms of cost, light steel villas are not expensive compared with traditional buildings. Moreover, light steel villas have many advantages over traditional brick and concrete. It can be said that the cost-effective ratio is very high. Light steel can be used in both new and used buildings, and the adaptability is quite good.