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Pulished on Apr. 24, 2020

Latest: Facility Executive: April 2020 Issue – The April 2020 issue features HVAC and COVID-19, anti-drone technology, lighting trends, and more. Plus, our annual Readers’ Choice Awards.

A little more than one month ago, I took a day out of the office to attend a regional trade show nearby. As my colleague and I made the hour drive to the conference center, we agreed that we would avoid shaking hands with those we met at the exhibit booths or while walking the aisles. It was late February, and the concern about coronavirus (now COVID-19) was beginning to hit a new level in our state of New Jersey. Once on the show floor, I remembered my self-imposed ban on handshakes and refrained. But, soon enough I was shaking hands and back to the normal greeting virtually all of us utilize at these industry events. Thankfully, I’m in good health as I type this letter to you. But, what a difference one month makes. Here we are in the midst of this crisis, and depending where you are, waiting for “the curve to flatten.”

This situation is affecting us all, in more ways than I, as an individual, can imagine. And the perspectives and experiences are vast. But one thing I’d like to comment on is the resourcefulness of people around the world, but also the facility management and buildings industry. From remote working and learning to revamping manufacturing lines to produce medical PPE, and from donations to newly forged partnerships, our staff has had the privilege of having a window into how this industry is banding together to keep people safe, facilities operating, and more.

So, thank you facilities professionals. Thank you manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers. Thank you to the associations and other groups that have come together. Thank you to all who are doing your part to get through this crisis.

Tech And FM: Anti-Drone Technology For Facilities | For security-sensitive sites, keep an eye to the sky.

The HVAC Factor: Paths to Improved Indoor Air Quality | Help improve indoor air quality with higher MERV ratings and supplemental filtration.

Facility Retrofit: Work Order System Streamlined | The Buckeye Elementary School District in Arizona implements facilities software to maintain its buildings and grounds.

Protecting Commercial Restrooms From Pests | Tackle each area of restroom facilities to maximize pest management efforts.

HVAC Filtration and COVID-19 | The COVID-19 crisis has impacted all aspects of facility management. This story provides insight on HVAC issues.

2020 Readers’ Choice Awards | In this annual survey, Facility Executive readers cast their votes for preferred product and service suppliers in 2019.

Networked Lighting Controls: Realize The Savings | Beyond energy savings, these lighting controls are a pathway to intelligent use of space and better building diagnostics.

Simulating Natural Light With LEDs | Looking for LED lighting to deliver color rendering that enhances visual comfort for occupants pays off.

Advancements in Smoke Detectors | The updated UL 268, Standard for Smoke Detectors for Fire Alarm Systems will be in effect June 2021.

Five Ways to Begin Energy Benchmarking | For actionable insight, buildings are increasingly tracking and comparing energy performance.

Data Center Trends to Watch in 2020 | Uptime Institute has identified factors impacting data centers for this year and beyond.

Tech And FM: Protect Operational Technology For Cyber Security | Recognize vulnerabilities, then collaborate with IT to manage risk.

The HVAC Factor: Phase Change Material Subdues Hot/Cold Calls | A trial installation of phase change material overhead showcases latent heat storage to boost occupant comfort.

Think Smart About Facility Waste | IoT connected devices help facility management redefine waste management protocols.

Facility Executive Of The Year 2020 | Dennis Williams, senior vice president of operations and assistant general manager at Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, WI, is moving the new facility forward.

Addressing Moisture Intrusion In Buildings | Examine facilities inside and out for building envelope intrusions.

Plazas and Terraces: Construction Considerations | Improving these outdoor spaces looks at safety and performance.

Leak Detection: For Safety’s Sake | Technology tools help identify gas and water leaks before disaster strikes.

New Year, New Space | Employee-focused design set the tone for Poettker Construction Company’s new headquarters in Breese, IL.

Purpose-Based Design For The Workplace | Form follows function, and creating office space where employees will thrive calls for a closer look.

Six Ways Submetering Improves Energy Insight | Energy meters in facilities can help reduce energy consumption, cut costs, and increase sustainability.

Paints And Coatings For Commercial Spaces | Appearance and performance matter when choosing finishes.

Renewable Energy: Four Ways Toward A New Energy Economy | New report from the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) recommends policies to accelerate market growth.

The HVAC Factor: R-22 Phaseout Arrives In 2020 | The R-22 refrigerant phaseout is nearly complete. What happens next?

Tech And FM: Smart Buildings In Real Time | In an evolving landscape, smart building technology dynamically responds to immediate and future needs.

Protect Through Building Façade Inspections | Safety ordinances in major U.S. cities are prompting a renewed focus on building envelope conditions.

FM Solutions 2020 | As the new year approaches, these featured products are poised to support facility management needs.

Tackling HVAC Deferred Maintenance | Facilities teams can work toward optimized HVAC systems by implementing several practical solutions.

Hybrid HVAC Cooling | These types of systems help facilities to balance water and energy usage demands and goals.

Emerging Energy Services Opportunities | Recent research on energy-as-a-service (EaaS) offers insight on how commercial and industrial customers can benefit.

Budgeting For Roof Maintenance | At Broward College in South Florida, roofing condition assessments driving planning for this building component.

Restrooms That Recapture Water And Waste | At Georgia Tech, a new campus building’s green restrooms are part of its Living Building Challenge pursuit.

Guide The Way With Color | Wayfinding through a facility can be enhanced with intentional choices of varied hues.

Renewable Energy: Mapping Geothermal Potential In NYC | Research into New York City’s geology has produced a geothermal ground source screening tool for site assessments.

Tech And FM: Making Sense Of Sensors | Data provided by sensors helps to maximize facility space assets.

The HVAC Factor: Natural Gas Challenges In Northeast U.S. | Interest in co-generation systems for buildings presents opportunity, followed by infrastructure obstacles.

Keeping Facility Grounds Safe And Sound | From tree care to snow removal, ensure safe and accessible sites throughout the year.

Pursuing Zero Net Energy Buildings | Whether for new builds or renovation, here are five key aspects.

Greening The Building Envelope | The road to a more sustainable future for building materials and products is multi-faceted.

The Cycle Of A Circular Economy | From manufacture to end-user and back again, the circular concept for office furniture and more is gaining momentum.

The WELL Building Standard And Green Cleaning | Focused on human health and wellness in the built environment, WELL concepts support sustainable cleaning programs.

Water Systems And Legionella | Incidence of Legionnaires’ Disease in buildings could be reduced by improved practices and structured policies.

LEED Case Study: A Place Of Honor Sustained | Soldiers Memorial Military Museum in St. Louis, MO earned LEED Gold certification, preserving its past while securing the future.

Six Tips For A Successful Lighting Retrofit | Designing to code and considering future needs help to minimize obstacles and maximize investment.

Technology For Workspace Planning | Software platforms help employees control and improve their work environments.

Renewable Energy: Green Campus Revitalization | Sustainability plans for Ford Motor Company’s Dearborn, MI campus include net zero goals for energy, water, and waste.

Tech And FM: Why CMMS Projects Get Off Track | Choosing a computerized maintenance management system has impact beyond the needs of the facilities team.

The HVAC Factor: The Role of HVAC Controls | For HVAC upgrades, focus on control strategies to ensure new equipment runs as efficiently as possible.

Roofing Maintenance: Five Questions To Ask | Keeping a building’s roof in top shape requires facility management to take a holistic view.

An Eye On Workplace Violence | While nothing is foolproof, consider these seven steps to mitigate active shooter and other threats in facility settings.

Security Trends And Facility Management | Here is a look at common issues facing facility executives when it comes to building security.

Tackling The Task Of Drain Cleaning | Among the industrial drain cleaning tools on the market, a recent development offers flexibility.

Fire Detection Intelligence | Current capabilities of this fire and life safety equipment provide advanced and targeted protection.

Keep It Moving Through The Building | Prevent downtime and foster safety with regular inspections on elevator and escalator systems.

Electrical Safety With Hierarchy Of Controls | This controls framework is key to keeping facility staff and others safe from electrical hazards.

Renewable Energy: Safety With Energy Storage Systems | The soon to be released NFPA 855, Standard on the Installation of Stationary Energy Storage Systems impacts on-site systems.

The HVAC Factor: Updated Legionella Guidance On The Way | To supplement ASHRAE Standard 188, revised Guideline 12-2000R is expected for publication later this year.

Facility Retrofit: Office Connectivity Undercover | An office refresh at Crowley Maritime in Jacksonville, FL  included out of sight cable management.

Tech And FM: Cyber-smart Strategies For Smart Buildings | Operational technology facility systems call for cyber security equal to those employed for IT systems.

A Fresh Look At Green Cleaning | With sustainability in mind, here are two facility cleaning materials to look at anew.

Designing For Innovation In The Workplace | A facility focused on research spurred steel manufacturer AK Steel to craft spaces conducive to collaboration and inspiration.

Duality In Workplace Design Strategy | Reviewing the dichotomy of big data design versus a human-centric, personal approach.”

Office Fit Outs And Connectivity | Here are five ways to help reduce IT spend when setting up new office space.

Adaptive Reuse Creates New Healthcare Facility | In Moorestown, NJ, an existing structure was revamped to serve as a cancer care center.

Reshaping Energy Management | Evolving demand response strategies can help supermarket and other food retailers reduce energy costs.

Renewable Energy: Solar, Waste Heat Help Power Athletic Facility | At Phillips Academy in Andover, MA, a new student athletic facility achieved LEED Platinum certification.

Tech And FM: The (Tech) Elephant In The Room | The success of smart building technology ultimately depends on humans’ understanding of its capabilities.

The HVAC Factor: Stop Refrigerant Leaks Before They Start | Rising costs and new environmental regulations call for proactive refrigerant management programs.